Chhogala Chhagan No Varghodo (2009)
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Plot : Kanku's ( Pal Rawal) marriage was arranged with Chhagan( Chandan Kumar) but at the time of wedding , the groom gets eloped. Kanku gets angry with this and decides to find out Chhagan at any cost. During her search, she meets another look alike Chhagan (Chandan Kumar).
Directed By: Nilesh Mehta
Written By:Keshav Rathod
Genres: Drama
Release Date: 05 Jun, 2009
Country: India
Language: Gujarati
Cast : Chandan Rathod, Pall Rawal, Chandan Kumar, Jeetu Pandya, Devendra Pandit, Keyuri Shah, Arvindi Vekariya, Kamlesh Padhi, Arpita Joshi, Usha Lakhod, Meet Joshi, Rakesh Thakker, Bharat Tankariya, Bharat Chawhan, P.C. Kapadiya, Ashok Soni, Rajesh Chawhan, Hardik Bhatt
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