Shree (2013)
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Plot : SHREE, an ordinary man, works at a telecom company. Deeply in love, but he cannot marry her. He needs money before taking the extra responsibility. Randhawa, a wealthy businessman, in his ceaseless pursuit of power zeroes in on SHREE as his latest guinea pig. SHREE becomes the last piece of puzzle in a scientific experiment, devised by a brilliant scientist, supported by the...view more +
Directed By: Rajesh Bachchani
Written By:Rajesh Bachchani
Genres: Suspense Thriller
Release Date: 26 Apr, 2013
Country: India
Cast : Hussain Kuwajerwala, K C Shankar, Rio Kapadiya, Shivani Tanskale, Anjali Patil, Jitendra Vashishth, Varsha Dandale, Kaushik Kinjawdekar, Paresh Ganatra
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