"Mad Men" (2007)
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Plot : A drama about one of New York's most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s, focusing on one of the firm's most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives, Donald Draper.
Directed By : Phil Abraham, Jennifer Getzinger, Michael Uppendahl, Matthew Weiner, Lesli Linka Glatter, Tim Hunter, Scott Hornbacher, John Slattery, Andrew Bernstein, Alan Taylor, Jon Hamm, Chris Manley
Written By :Matthew Weiner, Kater Gordon, André Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Erin Levy, Lisa Albert, Robin Veith, Jonathan Igla, Semi Chellas, Dahvi Waller, Bridget Bedard, Tom Palmer, Chris Provenzano, Marti Noxon, Brett Johnson, Cathryn Humphris, Janet Le
Genres : Drama
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2014
Country : USA
Language: English
Cast : Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, Christina Hendricks
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